Halloween Craft and Keepsake

Yet another fantastic Pinterest find!  I wanted to send out some cards to family and keep a little keepsake of Shane's first Halloween.  So I hit up the dollarama and got myself some paint ,(water based) glitter glue, a metallic marker and black bristle board.

Step One:  I cut the Bristle board to the size that I wanted the post cards to be.  I covered the floor with newspaper and poured out some white paint.  Shaun came home just in time because I was not ready for how much he was going to be moving around.  This is why it is important to get water based paint.  

Step Two: Once the paint dried I outlined his feet with the glitter glue and gave the "ghosts" eyes and a mouth.

Step Three: Once the glitter dried I wrote out a little message and dated it.  It's a cute way to remember how small the little ones were!

Happy Crafting!


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