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As Christmas and the holiday season gets closer and cross names off of our gift list we want to make sure that those gifts you put so much thought into make it to your friends and family on time.  It has happened before that I have sent a gift only to have it get there late, and once not arrive at all! UGH!   Why not leave the stress behind and have Purolator deliver your goods for you.  Purolator has been operating in Canada for over 50 years and will continue to help deliver the holidays to Canadians for years to come.

To ensure that your packages arrive on time they have provided these important dates:

  1. Canada – For delivery within Canada with next day delivery (where available), parcels must be sent by December 21, or December 22 for locations offering Saturday service.
  2. United States – For delivery to the U.S. with next day delivery (where available), send by December 21. For shipments to the U.S. viaPurolator Ground®, send by December 13.
  3. Mexico/The Americas: For delivery to Mexico, the Caribbean, South and Central America, send by December 18.
  4. Western Europe – For delivery to Western Europe, including the United Kingdom, France and Germany, send by December 19.
  5. Australia – For delivery to Australia, send by December 19.
  6. Far East – For delivery to the Far East, including China, Japan and Thailand, send by December 18.
  7. Other International Destinations – For delivery to Eastern Europe, Africa, South Asia and the Middle East, send by December 14.

Equally as important is how you package your goods!

  1. Place gifts in the centre of a box or carton, ensuring all items fit well and don’t protrude.
  2. Wrap all items with protective packaging. Use at least three inches thick for fragile items.
  3. Be sure to fill in hollow spaces with bubble wrap and use cardboard inserts to protect edges for gifts such as books and picture frames.
  4. Avoid using wrapping paper to ship a gift as it can get damaged during the delivery cycle. Instead, try durable shipping paper and boxes available at your local Purolator Shipping Centre.
  5. Affix appropriate labels when required: heavy weight, glass and liquid.
  6. Avoid using previously used boxes, which can lose their strength over time.
  7. Avoid using glue, masking tape, cellophane tape or opaque tape to seal boxes. These materials may lack strength to hold the package together.  It is recommended that you use plastic, pressure-sensitive packing tape for courier shipments.
  8. Never tie a package with string, rope or elastic bands. These items may get caught in processing equipment or torn off, damaging the package. 
  9. Affix clearly visible shipping and receiving addresses with postal codes to each package in your shipment.
  10. Retain your Package Identification Number for easy tracking of your package.

Follow all of these dates and tips and your gifts will be sure to arrive on time and in one piece 🙂  Also for your convenience you can drop your packages off at any Purolator or Staples. 

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