Crispy Pitas – The Perfect Snack

A couple weeks ago the lovely folks at Pennant Media Group sent this lovely package of Crispy Pita's my way and I am not ashamed to say that they are all gone!  

If you live in Toronto you may have heard of Ozery Pita Break and had their pita's before.  Well they have grown and added them awesome Crispy Pita's to their roster.  The four flavours are Cranberry Pumpkin Sees, Organic Spelt, Organic Wheat and Rosemary Garlic (my fav)  They are really yummy with peanut butter, hummus, your favorite dip or just by themselves.  

Especially during the holiday season their are lots of different hors d' oeuvres floating around.  Why not spice up your cheese tray a little bit?  The best part? Per 50g serving, Crispy Pitas contain 8 g of fat while regular potato chips contain 18g of fat.  

To learn more about Ozery's Pita Break and Crispy Pita's click HERE.  Or you can follow them on twitter @ozerybakery

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