Bamboo Baby Tooth ‘n’ Gum Wipes – Review


When my little guy was a bit smaller he would sit patiently on my lap while I brushed his teeth.  Now that he is bigger and more independent he would much rather do it by himself.  Now I know that it is a good thing that he is happy to do it himself but I want to make sure that his tiny 10 little teeth stay clean!


When I was asked to review the Tooth and Gum Wipes by PTPA I was totally on board.  


So there are a couple of reasons that I really like the clothes:


1 – It is totally quick.  I can grab him, give his teeth a wipe down and let him run away just as fast as I grabbed him.


2 – They are natural.  Nothing that is going to hurt my baby or be toxic.  They are Fluoride and Sugar Free


3 – They are 100% Biodegradable in 28 days


4 – I can continue to encourage my little man to brush his own teeth and use the clothes as a back up.


I was not shocked at all when I found out that they were given the PTPA Seal of Approval.  Love this product and am excited to see what the dentist says about my little guys teeth at his appointment next month!

I found them at Walmart so I am sure that they can be found at major retailers country wide.


Disclaimer – I was provided the clothes free of charge but all opinions in this blog are my own.



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