Proskins – A Workout In A Legging!


I was pretty excited to give these leggings a try.  I don't know a woman that doesn't have concerns about cellulite so when I read that they not only can't fight my cellulite but help me to loose inches I was onboard.


I am doing the 28 day challenge and am wearing them 8 hours a day.  Now since we are in the middle of summer it really isn't ideal to be wearing a pair of black leggings out in the hot sun.  So I am wearing them to sleep.  I thought that they would be hot but I really don't even notice that I am wearing them.  They truly are like a second skin.  I am now into my second week and one thing I can say is that my legs are super soft every morning when I take them off.  I have also noticed that the back of my thighs are smoother looking which is a total bonus when wearing shorts.



So I am sure that you are wondering how the heck they work? Here's an explanation:

COMPRESSION FABRIC– A controlled level of pressure promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, flushing fluid and toxins which would cause cellulite out of the body. The appearance of cellulite is reduced, giving a more even skin tone through the strengthening of connective tissues in the legs, buttocks and hips.

PATENTED MICRO-ENCAPSULATED YARN– The fabric is impregnated with microcapsules containing the finest active natural ingredients. These are massaged into the skin during wear, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. The microcapsules in the fabric are guaranteed to remain in the garment for at least 100 washes.

How Proskins Slim Works

What the Microcapsules contain:

Caffeine – A renowned active slimming agent that activates micro-circulation and promotes fat destruction.

Retinol – A skin regenerator, which stimulates collagen, giving youthful appearance to the skin.

Vitamin E – An antioxidant that helps the skin feel smoother and softer.

Aloe Vera – To help the skin feel smoother and softer.

Ceramides – Restores the skin’s barrier system providing an immediate tensor effect.

Fatty Acids – Natural ingredients existing in our skin. They are the perfect vehicles to improve the penetration of the rest of the active principles into the skin.

Slim by Proskins contain silver, an anti-bacterial treatment for extended wear and improved garment life. They also include a moisture management software that regulates body temperature to 37° degrees C.

Can't wait to see the final results.  I am sticking away from measuring my thighs until the end of the 28 days.  They are super active on twitter so you should follow them @ProskinsLtd and check them out online HERE.  They have men's and women's items.  I am totally loving the floral tights – I would totally wear them out and be getting a work out at the same time.  🙂


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