Protecting My Computer and Myself with ESET



I consider considered myself to be a pretty savvy person when it came to computers and the internet.  I have been blogging for about 4 years and am a lover of all things Social Media.  I know not to click on random links in twitter and those emails saying I just hit the jackpot are beyond fake – so when my blog got hacked I was devastated.  I stood to loose almost everything and they were real meanies about it.  My home page was the hackers logo and nah nah nah nah bo bo music playing.  I didn't quite understand – why was I targeted.  I was just a mommy blogger talking about her kids and doing reviews.  Why would anyone want to hack my site?  BECAUSE THEY CAN is what everyone that I enlisted to help me told me.  Hackers don't care what you write about or who you are.  If they see any weaknesses in your site or security they will penetrate it.  It is fun for them.  After a great deal of stress, finger crossing and a pretty hefty bill 95% of my content was back and I was online again.  



So when I saw the opportunity to apply to be an Ambassador for ESET Cyber Security Pro I applied right away.  I want to be able to share with my readers the importance of taking care of your computers.  Let's be honest – my entire life is on my laptop and after my blog issues I want and need to do everything I can to keep it safe.  

The program was super easy to download – it only took a matter of minutes.  I thought being a Mac user that I was free of any danger but let me tell you it found 3 threats.  Not horrible but certainly not great!  They have both PC and Mac versions and it is really user friendly.  I have not had any issues at all and am looking forward to learning more about it – and then sharing it with you of course!

You all know that I am a HUGE fan of PTPA and just another reason you are going to love this product – they have the PTPA seal of approval!


For more information on ESET you should check them out online HERE, on Facebook HERE or follow them on twitter @ESET and definitely follow along with the hashtag #ESETProtects.  I will be posting my experience with ESET in about a month or so and stay tuned for a twitter party in the near future 🙂

If you are interested in giving ESET a try just click HERE for a 15% off coupon!

Disclosure: I am a part of the PTPA Media ESET Smart Security Ambassador program.  I was provided with the software and compensation but all opinions are my own 

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