Ornaments With Love


Now that we are a month away from Christmas you will be seeing lots of posts about the holidays on the blog.  I am a huge lover of the holidays and now that we are in our new home I am excited to start our own traditions.  I am most extremely excited about going to cut down our tree this coming weekend and we now have our first custom ornament to put on it.


Ornaments With Love is a super AWESOME website where you can create your own custom Christmas Tree Ornament.  I was excited to get on the site and choose one that worked best for our family.  There were so many choices, from people, to snowmen, houses, babies and so much more.  There is an ornament to celebrate everything from weddings, to births, graduations and engagements!  The site was totally user friendly and creating the ornament I wanted was super easy.


I am so please with the way that our ornament turned out!  Isn't it cute?


The turnaround was super quick.  I received my ornament less than a week after I ordered it.  The price points are fantastic, and they ship internationally!  If you want a special ornament in time for this Christmas you should hop of to their site and create one that is perfect for you and your family!  Click HERE for more information or check them out on twitter @ornamentslove

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