Christmas Crafts With The Kiddos

I'm always looking for fun things to do with the kiddos to keep us all busy for a couple hours but that won't break the bank!  Last week I had a girlfriend over with her son that is just a couple weeks older than Shane and we got busy and messy! 

First I hit up my local Dollerama and spent a total of $12.  I am so excited with the outcome of our crafts and that we will have awesome memories to look back on.

First we did the MistleToes canvasses.  The canvas was only $1.25!  I got footprints of both of the kiddos and then did all of the other decorating myself.  All of the craft paint is only a buck and washes off skin with water. 


While we were doing the rest of the decorating of the MisleToes Canvasses we put a sheet down on the floor and gave the kids paint brushes and these foam stocking ornaments ($1.50 at Dollerama) and let them go to town.  By the end of it Shane was painting his toes and had green paint in his hair but he was having fun.  Busy hands are usually happy babies!


After all was said and done we still had quite a bit of left over paint So I decided to do some Mason Jar holiday holders.  This is the EASIEST CRAFT EVER!!


All you have to do is pour some paint in the jars and roll it around and around until completely coated!  I will be using these to hold utensils for my Christmas diner.


Have you done any Christmas crafts with your kids?  Did they turn out great?  I would love to hear about them!

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