Kandoo Cleaners and Wipes – Review

I was excited to get a couple of boxes of Kandoo products a couple of weeks ago for bath time and potty time for Shane.  At first glance all of the bottles are totally cute, brightly colored and smelt AMAZING!!

I am particularly exited about the flushable wipes.  Shane is starting to show signs of being ready to be potty trained so starting in January we are going to give it a go.  Flushable wipes are so much nicer to babies bum and they get all of the mess.  I want to encourage him to wipe himself and these will feel nice on his bum.


It was time to put the Shampoo and Body wash to the test.  For months Shane's bath time routine has been a shower.  He loves the water and makes such a huge mess when having a bath.  It looks like a monsoon has hit by the time that we are done.  Showering works better and it's quicker the only problem is getting him to help out with washes himself.  The Kandoo "Clean Your Body" wash was pretty awesome.  First off it was a foam and purple.  Shane was able to see it and where he had already washed.  There were many giggles had when I squirted the purple foam on his tummy and he rubbed it around and around.  The shampoo is a 2 in 1 which worked great on his curly hair but most importantly when it got in his eyes it didn't hurt! BONUS!!


The hand wash is a foam also.  As you can see it is a bright colour.  Love this idea.  When Shane was washing his hands I explained to him that he couldn't wash off the soap until he saw the purple all over his hands. They also have a kid friendly anti-bacterial foam that I have put right by the front door.


The scents to all of the products are fantastic.  As you can see the bottles are fun and Shane doesn't want to put them down.  Price points are totally affordable all running under the $5 mark.  They can be found at WalMart, Loblaws, Sobeys and Target.  You should definitely check them out HERE to learn more about their super fun products!  Thanks Kandoo for making bath time fun!  Wish me luck with potty training!

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