My Monkey is 2


Just over two years ago I started the most important, stressful, rewarding and crazy job that I have ever had.  I became a MOM!  It truly is amazing how overnight your world can change and all of a sudden you are responsible for this little person.

My monkey Shane is a special little guy.  He is loving and affectionate mixed with tons of energy and playfulness.  We are hitting a time where he is trying to communicate more which often leads to some frustration but we are mustering our strength to get through these 'Terrible Twos".  There are days where I think that I am just not going to get through it with the tantrums and then he looks at me, calls me 'mama', plants me with a kiss and my heart melts.

There are so many feelings that I go through on a daily basis and I came across this video that explains it perfectly!  If you haven't seen it be prepared to shed a few tears!  I pretty much sob every time I watch it.

This video is made by Boba – and if you are looking for a fantastic baby carrier I would definitely suggest you check them out.  We love ours! (not sponsored, I really do love our Boba carrier)

Shane is one of my greatest blessings and becoming a mom is one of my proudest moments! I am excited to see what this year will bring us 🙂


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