The Scrabble Word Showdown

Scrabble Classic

I come from a family of game board players.  Celebrating a good family game night happened quite frequently and it still does today.  Our go-to game growing up was Monopoly.  I remember many nights playing with my parents and sisters.

When I met Shaun I found out that his family were Scrabble players!  This freaked me out a bit.  To be totally honest I hadn't even played the game just 10 years ago.  Let's just say that my spelling skills may have been lacking.  Well at my first Christmas with his family the Scrabble board came out and to make this story very short I came in last.  I was so convinced that Shaun was cheating because he had so many 2 letter words that I had never heard of!  

I felt that it was necessary once we got our own place to add a Scrabble board to our collection of games but I also got a Scrabble dictionary because I wanted to be able to catch him if he cheated.  Turns out he is just that good and knows all the legal words 😀


The Merriam-Webster OFFICIAL Scrabble Players Dictionary has not been updated in 9 years and lots has happened since!  They have reserved a spot for Scrabble fans to nominate a word to be entered into the dictionary.  If it were me I would probably choose "Selfie" or "hashtag" but that just shows how much time I spend on social media! LOL


Head on over to their Facebook Page HERE and nominate your new favourite word!

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