Birthday Thoughts

So today I turn 33.  Yup – I am now in my mid-thirties.  My youngest sister was nice enough to text me this morning asking how it felt to be old!  LOL

I have been thinking about the past year of my life and all the ups and downs it has brought.  Not only did I become a mom for the second time but we moved out of the city into the burbs which has been a huge change.  

When we first had Shane things changed, and drastically.  Just getting up and going was not a possibility anymore.  All of a sudden we needed much more structure in our lives, but we managed to make it work.  We didn't get to see our friends as often but made the effort as much as we could.

Well then Aria arrived.  All of a sudden I was a mom of two babies under two.  My life was turned upside down all over again.  We were in a brand new house, no real friends just yet and life was crazy.  We have missed more birthdays than I would like to count, weddings, (yes plural) showers and so much more.  If all of a sudden became slave to whatever teething, fevers, or barfing came up.  We had two babies but at different stages of development and it was insane.  There were days where I would just cry because I was so so stressed and then felt guilty for being stressed.  

Well the invites and visitors have stopped.  It makes me feel really sad but at the same time relieved.  I hate missing out on showers, birthdays and the like but I hate having to cancel last minute even more.  I miss my friends and for those without kids I hope that they will understand one day why I am such a crazy loon right now.  The one thing that keeps our house functioning and our kids semi-happy is having structure.  Our weekends are planned around nap and bedtime and sadly this does not fit into many people's schedules.

Now all this being said my reflection today is not really a negative thing.  It just amazes me how in such a short period of time things can change so drastically!  I love my life, my kids and my amazing husband!  This year has been a real trip and I so look forward to what year 33 has in store for me.  I have no doubt that as my kids get older different challenges will arise but I also know that life will not be so consumed with baby stuff!  My kids are awesome – they make me smile and laugh everyday. I wouldn't change a thing about my family – except maybe the lack of sleep I get due to a little ninja that finds his way into my bed on a nightly basis…..LOL!

We are having a night away from the little ones tomorrow evening to celebrate our birthdays tomorrow and I am pretty pumped.  There will be reviews and lots of pictures shared next week.  I have no doubt that we will be chatting about the kids all night!  

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    kelly young March 21, 2014 (1:15 am)

    Hope you had a great time 🙂