Putting Together an Easter Feast with Our Finest at Walmart

So we are just days away from Easter and you are feeling a little unprepared.  Don't worry – I totally get it.  Life is hectic with so many things and just like that the holiday is upon us.  Whether you are the one hosting or are a guest this Easter weekend I have some great ideas to make things a little easier for you at where else? Walmart my favorite one stop shop!!

If you are hosting dinner this weekend Walmart has you covered from start to finish!  I am totally loving the Our Finest lineup that they have.  They have a fantastic line up of appetizers and at fantastic price points.  We are big fans of the Spanakopita and at only $5 a box you really can't go wrong.  There was a freezer of ham just waiting to be picked up for people to enjoy with their families.


Now I don't know about you but there is always room for dessert!  The Our Finest line had so many yummy treats I had a hard time picking just one – so I didn't πŸ˜‰  I brought home some Mini Cream Puffs and Apple Crumble Blossoms.  At only $5 each you really can't go wrong.


If you are a lucky duck and heading to a family or friends for Easter why not bring a different type of hostess gift?  There were lots of different options from a beautiful glass jelly bean gift, to stuffed animals, peeps (my fav) and I bought 2 bunches of tulips for only 8 bucks! ($4 a bunch)  It may not feel like Spring outside right now but these definitely brighten up my kitchen!


Last year we didn't really do a egg hunt as Shane was just too young.  This year I think that we will give it a try.  There was no shortage of chocolate that is for sure and there is something for everyone!!



I decided to kick it kinda old school.  This is what my haul would look like when I was a kid.  Chocolate mini eggs and a solid bunny.  I decided to get some plastic eggs ($1 for the package) and put the chocolate eggs in it.  This way they are bigger and bright, easier for little ones to find.  Also I will know exactly how many I hid.  I don't want to be finding chocolate eggs mid summer. LOL


I don't know about you but as a mom of two little ones coffee is pretty serious business to me!  I am often tired and a good caffeine pick me up is usually on the morning menu!  About a month ago we decided to forgo our usual coffee brand and give the Our Finest Canadian Blend and try and we are super impressed.  Talk about a really good cuppa Joe!  I would definitely recommend it.  Think of me while you are drinking it and your little ones are running around finding eggs.


I hope you have a wonderful and stress free Easter meal!  Head on over to Walmart and see what they have in store – I am never disappointed!

Disclosure – I was compensated for this post but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own

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