Clearly Canadian Making a Comeback!


I have the fondest memories of Clearly Canadian!  It was such a big treat for my sisters and I when my parents bought us each a bottle that we could enjoy all to ourselves.  My favourite flavour was/is Orchard Peach.  Let's just say when I heard that they were making a comeback there was a little bit of a happy dance and I immediately got in touch with my sisters to let them know!

They are doing a pretty cool #BringItBack campaign and you can pre-order a case of your favourite flavour for only $29.99 and this includes shipping in Canada and the US.  Once they have pre-sold 25,000 cases they will be able to go into production.  Pretty cool right?  It is totally worry free because your credit card will not be charged until they reach the 25,000 cases.


Be sure to check them out online and pre-order your case HERE – I pre-ordered a case of Orchard Peach and I am excited to be part of the #BringItBack movement!

Check them out on Facebook HERE and on twitter @live_clearly (US) and @Clearly_CDN (Canada)

What was your favourite flavour?

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