Getting Started with Flower Magic from Miracle-Gro


So as you know I am working with Miracle-Gro to feature this AMAZING new product Flower Magic. If you saw my last post (HERE) you know that I am grassless but that doesn't mean that I can't bring some colour to my house while construction is still going on around me.  As I said before I have never really had any luck/experience with gardening so I was excited that this was going to be pretty easy!

I headed out and got some planters for my railing and a couple of larger planters for either side of my door.  Got some Miracle-Gro Potting mix and got to work.

First I poured the potting mix out evenly into my planters and made sure to break up any clumps that were in the soil.


Then I got to shaking.  As per the instructions I shook the mixture evenly over the planter but didn't pour too much.  The seeds will need some space to be able to grow.


As you can see below the light brown is coir and it helps to protect the seeds during germination. They also help to tell you when your seeds need to be watered. Which is pretty helpful for newbies like me.


Below I had just taken my watering can to the planters and as you can see all has turned a darker brown.  


As you can see below the coir that is wet is a darker brown and some is lighter.  When the coir is a light brown you need to give them some water.  And by some I mean evenly watering – no puddles of water. πŸ™‚


My little monkey was out helping me get everything ready.  It was so easy and fast we were able to play outside and go for a walk until bedtime.


So if you can believe it, that's it!  I put them up on my railing and am heading back to get some more this weekend so that I have one on every railing.  With the long weekend coming up this is the perfect thing for you to get to bring some beauty to your planters or garden!


I can't wait until we get some sprouts and see some flowers.  There are up to 29 flower varieties so they will be blooming all summer long!  Can't wait to show you my results.  For more information on Miracle-Gro Flower Magic go HERE

** On a side note – think I should take my Christmas lights down? LOL!!

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