Throw Back Thursday with Netflix

I don't know about you but I love a good #TBT post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.    I have made lots of friends on Social Media so it is always interested to see who people were last month, year or decade!

Below is a small collage for my #ThrowBackThursday.  From engagement shots, to wedding, to honeymoon, Disney and Babies – these are some of my favourite memories 🙂



To keep in the theme of #TBT why not take a stroll down memory lane and show your kids the shows that you used to watch.  There are so many AMAZING options on Netflix for you to watch!



I was a huge fan of He-Man and She-Ra when I was a little one and Shane loved watching the old episodes of He-Man with Shaun.


A fantastic new spoin on the little blue guys we used to love is fun for the whole family!


You can't go wrong with the big red dog Clifford!


Watching the Sesame Street classics was really special.  That was a show that I grew up on so sharing the old episodes with the little ones was pretty cool.  It's pretty neat to have a show that I watched when I was a kid and watch Shane enjoy some of the very same characters.  Snuffy was always my favourite. 😉


And of course there has to be something for the adults and Ghostbusters is such a classic.  Shaun and I watched it together last weekend and it was great!

Netflix is only $7.99 a month so you can watch all your favourite classics and not break the bank! For more info on Netflix click HERE.

What is your favourite classic movie or #TBT?  


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