My Personal Diaper Diaries

I am not going to even mince words.  I hate, hate, hate with a passion diaper changes.  It's not even that it really grosses me out, cause it doesn't.  I just loath it.  Almost as much as doing laundry.

There isn't really anything else that has come with parenting that I just can't stand.  I would rather still be doing night feedings if I didn't have to change another diaper, I swear!  Our diaper journey has also been, well kinda different.  When it was Shane and only Shane I cloth diapered him exclusively. (see told you it doesn't gross me out)  They saved us a heap of money, great for the environment and I am a sucker for a fluffy bum 🙂 (see below)


Well then Aria came along and we continued to cloth diaper.  I also took on more clients and bloggy work and those extra loads of laundry were tough to get done.  it was getting hectic and smelly – LOL So we decided to moved on to disposables and life got just a little easier and not long after that we started to talk about potty training Shane.  We picked him up a little red potty for Christmas (Car's of course) and I suddenly saw a very faint light at the end of what seems to be a long diaper changing tunnel!  

We decided to take a pretty laid back approach to the whole thing.  I didn't want him to feel pressure and boycott it, so we introduced it and waited to see what he wanted to do with the whole thing. For about 3 weeks instead of sitting on it he wore parts of it on his head and used the toilet insert as a race track for his cars.


But one magical day he pee'd on his potty! The little potty has only been used a handful of times because I find it hard to use for the little guy and to be honest, who wants to keep rinsing out the silly thing?  So we now have inserts in both washrooms and have him in pull ups.  Every hour and a half we march him into the washroom and he is always happy to pee for us – SCORE.  I have lots of pictures of him but will spare him the embarrassment when he gets older.

The most exciting news of all…..just last night he squeezed out a tiny little poop in the toilet.  This may be too much information but folks, that light just got a little bit brighter 🙂

Any fun diaper stories to share?  I would love to hear them.

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