Seeing Progress With My #FlowerMagicCA Garden

Man am I ever excited!  We have total life off and I can't wait to see the magic that is going to take place  in these small planters.  In just 2 short weeks I have sprouts taking over πŸ™‚ Just below you can see the tiny green sprouts and that was after only a week.


The bottom right is 2 weeks to the day that I planted them.  In no time I will be showing you the beauty of my planters.

Check out Frankie Flowers and his love for Flower Magic from Miracle Grow:



On a slightly random side note – we got a big pile of soil on our yard!!! And do you know what comes next? GRASS πŸ˜€

I am so excited that my planters will look beautiful with a nice green grass this summer and not dirt! Stay tuned for my next update – can't wait to get some beautiful flowers.

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