Weleda’s NEW Baby Derma White Mallow Collection


I don't know about you but when I had my little ones I was always worried about what I was using on their skin was good for them.  When Shane was born he suffered from some baby acne and I felt like Aria's skin was always dry.  One thing I remember my doctor telling me is the elements can be so harsh on our skin as adults.  Imagine being in the womb, surrounded by liquid for 9 months and then all of sudden being out in the world.  There's no wonder that things like dryness, peeling skin, acne and Eczema are issues that babies endure.



As you know all that I use for myself and my babies are Weleda products.  I know exactly  what the ingredients are and that they are completely safe for my babies skin.  I was fortunate and my little ones did not struggle with Eczema but other moms who have had a hard time finding the perfect product to help with Eczema flare ups.  Weleda has recently come out with the White Mallow collection that has been accepted in the National Eczema Association.  I must also add that it smells divine!

About 20% of children suffer from Eczema but the neat thing is about 50% of those outgrow it!

If your little one suffers from Eczema here are some Do's and Dont's for your little ones


  • use natural products to care for linens
  • keep nails trimmed and smooth to minimize effects from scratching
  • choose soft natural fabric like cotton to wear and sleep in
  • moisturize body and face often
  • reduce stress with baby massage
  • use cool compresses on skin for 20-30 minuets during Eczema flare ups.


  • Use synthetic fabrics or products
  • expose the child to very hot water
  • bathe the child with harsh soaps or bubble baths which tend to be drying
  • Use too little moisturizer

For more information on the White Mallow collection click HERE


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