5 Year Anniversary is Wood?

What do you get the guy who has everything?  Whenever it comes to buying Shaun a gift I get pretty anxious about the whole thing.  He is pretty particular, not big on change and doesn't really want for much.  As our fifth anniversary was quickly approaching I was getting lost about what the perfect gift was for him so I do what pretty much everyone else does I hit up the good old world wide web.  My preliminary research showed that the traditional gift for 5 year anniversary was wood.  


So for a second I was a little more lost than before I started searching and then I remember seeing something on Facebook of a local mom's business. 


I went straight to her Facebook Page Plank it n' More and instantly had so many ideas of how to make a manly sign for Shaun's Office.  I was able to pick out the wood, font and colour of thread.  It turned out just perfect and Shaun is really happy with it.  Her name is Veronica and she was able to customize it to exactly what I wanted!


I am always so AMAZED when I find moms with these Amazing ideas and make a business out of them.  I am now thinking of getting some signs done for the kiddos bedroom doors. I love the apples for teacher's gifts. So Cute!!

Check out the website HERE to see more! 

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