Anniversary Bliss at Novotel Toronto

5 years!  I can't quite believe it to be honest.  It has totally flown by and once the kids arrived it flew by even faster.  I thought that we needed a bit of a break so I set up some babysitting for the little ones for the weekend and got to planning.

We have been out of the city for just over a year and man do I ever miss it.  I could not think of a better hotel than the Novotel to spend our weekend away.  The St.Lawrence market was where I called home for 5 years and I was happy to be 'home' for a couple days.  It was the best and easiest decision.

I took the Go Train into the city and was able to walk right over to the hotel, talk about convenient! Shaun walked over at the end of his work day and our weekend of relaxation began.  The hotel has everything you could ask for from a beautiful lounge, to pool and a gym.


Our room was totally beautiful.  Nothing better than a King size bed!  (especially one that you aren't sharing with a 2 1/2 year old ninja) I wore comfy slippers, drank yummy coffee, and yes, I slept in until 9:30am.  All of the staff was super lovely and made sure we had everything we needed!


It's amazing how much can change in a year.  We walked around the neighborhood and there are a handle full of new restaurants all within walking distance of the hotel.  We decided to stick to our favorite "greasy spoon" right inside the St.Lawrence Market.  Paddington's was our go to spot before we had kids and it was nice to be able to go back to enjoy an AMAZING big bad breakfast!


We saw a couple movies, a show and strolled around the city and really just relaxed!  It was exactly what we both needed.  On our last morning we decided to have the buffet right in the hotel. Lots of yummy options!  I started light with yogurt and ended heavy with bacon, French toast and more yumminess!  


If you are thinking of heading into the city this is the perfect hotel for you.  Within walking distance to Union Station, lots of great restaurants and shops and much more!  We had an awesome time in our old hood and can't wait to make another trip back to the Novotel Toronto.  For more information on the hotel click HERE

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