Movie Watchin’ VIP Style

When I was working out the details for our 5 year anniversary weekend there was one thing that I really really wanted to do.  I wanted to go to the movies.  Lame right? For lots of people this isn't such a big deal but it had been three whole years since we had sat in a theater.  I was determined!

Since it had been so long I really wanted to make sure that we enjoyed our experience.  I had heard about the VIP experience offered by Cineplex so we headed over to check it out.  Man are we glad we did.

The Cineplex VIP theaters are open to adults only!  (I loved this since it was are kid-FREE weekend) You are in a separate part of the theater with a beautiful bar space where you can go to enjoy some food and drinks before your movie starts while watching the game on many TVs' in the space.


All of the staff took very good care of us.  Our waiter was pretty hilarious helping me to get good lighting for some of my instagram pictures. 🙂  After we relaxed in the lounge for a little while we ordered our food and headed into the theater.  The super comfy, lazy boy like chairs were wonderful and a small table slid out for us to put our meals.


I ordered a chicken wrap with fries and Shaun had a Pulled Pork burger.  For cocktails I had a frozen yummy drink (I LOVE slushies) and Shaun a martini.  The best part is we got to eat it all in the theater as we watched our movie.  I am all for popcorn but this was SO MUCH BETTER!  

This was a fantastic experience, the perfect date night!  I would definitely recommend it and already have! Great food and atmosphere, fantastic staff and all around fun time!  For locations and more information click HERE 

Big thanks to the folks at Cineplex for helping to make our 5 year anniversary weekend so unforgettable! 

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