In Need of Some Adult Time #StreamTeam

I walk around my house and I swear a tornado has torn through it.  There are laundry piles in more than one room and I am sometimes a little unsure of what is clean or dirty.  My office which I had painted last month is still not finished and I find myself working on my couch. πŸ™ There are toys in every single room of the house and it is driving me batty!  I am totally overwhelmed at home and somethings gotta give.


Just the other night while up late working I shot my mother an email asking if she would be interested in taking the kids overnight this coming Saturday.  I thought it was a long shot with such short notice but I thought it was worth a try.  She was quick to respond in the morning and she said of course.  I am so excited!!  Not only will I have some time to get my house in some sort of order, I will also have some ME TIME with my Netflix account!!


For once I will be able to log into Netflix and not go straight to the Bubble Guppies or Despicable Me! I am so pumped to get into Orange Is The New Black and see what type of trouble "Dandelion" has gotten herself into!  What shows or movies are you watching right now?  How often do you get to have me (or we with your partner) time?  I'm looking forward to cleaning, great TV and possibly a couple adult bevies πŸ˜€

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