An Easy DIY to Organize with Bernardin Mason Jars

We all want to eat healthy right?  Of course we do… biggest downfall is snacking!  I love to have an afternoon snack and to be completely honest it usually is not very healthy.  I'm just not prepared!

Shaun and I are both really really busy so we know that if we are going to eat well we need to plan ahead. Not only with lunch and dinner prep but having some healthy snack options in the house.  We headed over to the Bulk Barn (which is a totally magical place – lol) and stocked up on some healthy options for snacks and our smoothies!  I did not want to leave our new snacks in the plastic bags so I got together a few different sizes of Bernardin Mason Jars, picked up some Chalkboard spray paint and got to work.


I put some newspaper down and sprayed the lids once, let them dry for about 5 hours and then put a second coat.  24 hours later they were good to go.  

We have healthy snacks, in great containers and they look fantastic on my shelves in my kitchen.  I made some extras so I am thinking of other healthy but yummy snacks to put in them.  What is your go-to healthy snack?


You can buy Bernardin cans at major retailers and grocery stores.  The Chalkboard paint can also be found at most major retailers, craft stores or Home Improvement store.  I am now on the look out for skinny chalk – lol!  I found it a little difficult to write on the lids but I am sure I will get better!

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