And Then They Bloomed! #FlowerMagicCA

I am thrilled!  All of the rain we got in the burbs really helped to make my beauties bloom!  So far I have pretty little white and purple blooms and one big yellow one.  I have no doubt that over the next couple of days there will be much more colour in my boxes.


For all of those following along in my grass ordeal I am super excited to announce that we got grass. Our front yard is not yet done but we are on a corner lot so the back and sides are all done.  Just when I thought I would have to wait until the fall.  I am so excited!  The big box you see in the picture is a raised garden box that our builder put in for us.  I had some left over in my Miracle-Gro Flower Magic shaker so I sprinkled it in and in 6 days I already have little sprouts!  I know that it is a little late in the season but it is just so darn easy and gives amazing results.  I can't step on the crass just yet so the sprinkler is getting it for me.  Pictures soon!


I post pictures of the flowers on my Instagram account HERE if you want real time results 😉 This has been lots of fun and so super easy.  I love looking like I know what I am doing when all it took was a shake of the bottle, water and sunshine which we have had lots of.  For more information on Miracle-Gro's Flower Magic click HERE.  Stay tuned for more results!

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