School Supplies That Make a Difference


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Staples Impact Awards in the city.  Aria and I were so lucky to watch as the educator, entrepreneurship and environmental awards were given out.  All of the students in attendance wore "Be The Change" shirts because as we all found out even at a young age you can make a difference, even on a global level. 


JRDN was there to perform for the students and I felt like a kid again.  He was awesome to all the kids taking photos and signing autographs.  An awesome event that's for sure.  


Me to Me and Staples have partnered on this awesome line of school supplies.  Now here is why it's so Awesome.  Kids need school supplies, this we know.  So why not buy from the Me To We line and do good at the same time?  Buy a Backpack and you are giving a student overseas school supplies for one year, a binder and a tree will be planted.  How about a reusable water bottle and guarantee clean drinking water for one person.  The list goes on and it is just so amazing!  For more info on the Staples Me To We line click HERE and stay tuned later in the summer I will be giving some away!

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