Onto The Next Stage With Playtex Sippy Cups! #MomTrust

First off I have some pretty amazing news!  We have moved out of the bottle stage in my house.  I can't believe that I am actually typing this, but it's true.  We are now a bottle-less household! This has me right pumped up.

Shane used a bottle all the way until he was two but Aria is always playing catch up with her brother and started going after Shane's cups at just 12 months so we decided to give it a try.  Playtex has made some changes to their cups and we were able to find the perfect one for her.

We started with the training time which is smaller in size, has handles and you can get either a soft spout or straw.  She seemed to go straight to the straw but as we all know all babies are different 😉 After using the Training Time for a little while we moved her to the Anytime Cups with the straw. They are easy to hold, don't leak and hold a little more than the Training Time.  Once you hear the click the top is on and you don't have to worry about any leaks.   Shane loves his Playtime cups that have animals and lots of different fun designs.  All of the cups have the Twist'n'Click technology that is really quite simple.  You twist on the lid, hear it click and you are safe from leaks!


Check out my little monkey's getting ready to head out to the park, but of course we must get a little milk in before we go.  As you can see the Anytime Cup is the perfect shape for little hands like Aria's , her hands fit right in the groove.  Shane is giving Aria the side eye because she tried to take his cup – LOL!


We pretty much don't leave home without our Playtex cups.  They are familiar for the kids, they don't ever spill in the diaper bag and there are no spills at the table.  Check the kids out at a pub and having breakfast while out this past weekend!  I fill their cups up, hear the click and know that we are good to go.


Also the lids are interchangeable which makes things super easy when pulling them all from the drying rack.  If you are looking for a great line of sippy cups from start to finish I would definitely suggest the New Playtex cups.  I love them for how easy and fool proof they are and the kids love the colours and designs.  You just can't go wrong.  Learn more about the  Playtex line HERE.  

Disclosure – I am a part of the Playtex #MomTrust. I receive compensation for my post but all content is always my own thoughts and beliefs.


  • comment-avatar
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) August 21, 2014 (2:30 pm)

    Awwww, I miss those days with my boys. I always used Playtex product with mine, too!

  • comment-avatar
    Mary O'Malley August 21, 2014 (2:36 pm)

    Oh sippy cups. Heck, I’m an adult and I would love to have them.I think Playtex however is one of my more preferred brands.

  • comment-avatar
    Jaime August 21, 2014 (3:25 pm)

    We have such a variety of sippy cups in our house – Playtex being one of the brands. I really like them, and I prefer the cups to have as few parts as possible. I can’t stand cleaning them.

  • comment-avatar
    Melinda August 21, 2014 (3:36 pm)

    i love how easy they cups are. I still have one sippy cup left in the cabinet just in case we get a little visitor to the house

  • comment-avatar
    Nicole August 21, 2014 (3:36 pm)

    I remember that transition and I hated it. My kid just wasn’t happy switching at all.

  • comment-avatar
    Lindsey @ Redhead Baby Mama August 21, 2014 (7:05 pm)

    What a great click feature. I love that you know and can hear how easy it is!

  • comment-avatar
    Shannon Gosney August 21, 2014 (9:44 pm)

    I love Playtex products. If I had little kids, I would totally check out these sippy cups.

  • comment-avatar
    Mickey C August 21, 2014 (10:13 pm)

    I love using no-spill cups with my kids. We’ve had too many spills in other cups. :/

  • comment-avatar
    Dawn August 21, 2014 (10:42 pm)

    The importance of a good sippy cup CANNOT be overstated. The last thing you want is juice all over the carpet. On a side note, your kids are just beautiful.

  • comment-avatar
    Emily August 22, 2014 (12:20 am)

    Your kids are adorable. You have a beautiful family!

  • comment-avatar
    Janel (A Mom's Take) August 22, 2014 (7:01 am)

    Your kids are adorable, and love their new sippy cups. It’s always fun changing or upgrading sippy cups, at least it is for me. Playtex is a great brand.

  • comment-avatar
    Janeane Davis August 22, 2014 (7:02 am)

    Congratulations on your babies moving to the next stage of development! I had twins as well, so I know how important it is to find good products that make life easier.

  • comment-avatar
    Shell August 22, 2014 (9:15 am)

    Interchangeable lids are a great feature! I remember it being difficult to keep those things straight!

  • comment-avatar
    Mellisa August 22, 2014 (9:25 am)

    These cups were lifesavers when my kids were little. They saved us money times when my kids would drop their cups.

  • comment-avatar
    becka August 22, 2014 (9:28 am)

    These cups are cute! I will also say your kids are ADORABLE!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Janell P August 22, 2014 (9:32 am)

    I love the interchangeable lids feature! My daughter loved Playtex cups when she was little, thanks for sharing!

  • comment-avatar
    Debbie Denny August 22, 2014 (9:45 am)

    Adorable pics. Great products for babies.

  • comment-avatar
    Everyday Living with Chrys August 22, 2014 (10:15 am)

    Kiddo, who is almost 10, came into my life when she was 3. She was in the sippy cup stage. I know I we had a little goodbye party for our sippy cups when we moved to big girl cups.

  • comment-avatar
    Catherine S August 22, 2014 (12:07 pm)

    Thanks for the great post. I loved Playtex Sippy Cups when my son was little.

  • comment-avatar
    Krystal's Kitsch August 22, 2014 (12:46 pm)

    I love a good and secure sippy cup. My toddler sure knows how to throw them around!

  • comment-avatar
    Christie August 22, 2014 (1:32 pm)

    I love the new designs. These cups are notoriously awesome for kids!

  • comment-avatar
    Liz Mays August 22, 2014 (1:57 pm)

    I love the playful fun colors. Also, the lids being switched around is super helpful.

  • comment-avatar
    Travel Blogger August 22, 2014 (4:13 pm)

    We loved playtex first as her bottles and then as her sippy cups. They lasted forever, we even passed them down to my neices.

  • comment-avatar
    Dina August 22, 2014 (4:43 pm)

    it’s so cute to see how the cups change. I loved Playtex ones when my son was small.

  • comment-avatar
    Ann Bacciaglia August 22, 2014 (7:18 pm)

    I used sippy cups with my kids when they were little. I love the designs on these ones.

  • comment-avatar
    Erica August 22, 2014 (9:43 pm)

    Awww, sippy cups. These sure do bring back some memories! Playtex has such great infant and toddler products!

  • comment-avatar
    Jennifer August 23, 2014 (7:56 am)

    My son is only 4 months old so we’re not on the sippy cup stage yet. Good to know good cups are out there.

  • comment-avatar
    Marina @ Mommy Snippets August 23, 2014 (8:27 am)

    Playtex has awesome products! We love them.

  • comment-avatar
    Tami August 23, 2014 (9:46 am)

    Children’s products are always so cute. Your kids are adorable, I love Aria’s dress. 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Barbie's Beauty Bits August 23, 2014 (12:32 pm)

    What a great selection of Platyex Sippy cups! Love these and so do the kids!

  • comment-avatar
    Tracey August 25, 2014 (11:45 am)

    These look great! I am going to pass this along to a friend with who is in the sippy cup stage.