BlogHer Rocked My Socks Off!

So I have mentioned it throughout other posts but never really focused on my actual trip to BlogHer. This was a really important trip for me for a couple reasons.  I had wanted to go for years but I had either been pregnant, trying to get pregnant or nursing so it just was not an option for me.  This was the year for me, there was nothing that was going to stop me.  Shaun was a real trooper and took the time off work so that I could go and have the trip of a lifetime!

The AWESOMENESS began even before the conference officially started at the Netflix Headquarters. Talk about your dream workspace!  We ate yummy food, got a tour of the entire building and then got to meet and hear Piper Kerman speak!  Piper is the writer the novel Orange is The New Black which as I'm sure you know has been turned into a series for Netflix.  She was so lovely, answered everyone's questions and posed with each and every one of us for a photo.  Can you tell how excited I was?


Being away from Shaun and the littles was difficult so we made sure to Skype every morning.  Check out my little monkey's.  Just seconds after I captured this picture Aria smacked Shane in the face – LOL!


One thing that was totally wonderful was all of the adult time. If you are a stay at home or work at home parent you will know what I mean.  During the day all I do is talk to my little ones, a lunchtime call with Shaun and if I'm lucky calls with clients.  This weekend was just me and good ol' fun Adult Style!  There were parties, and goodies and champagne and cupcakes, oh and there was DANCING! DJ Rev Run was the entertainment for the McDonalds closing party and I danced for his entire set. Baby Bladder be damned I shook it like I was 25 again!


Of course it was super important that I see Jenny Lawson @thebloggess and Kerry Washington speak!  They were both funny and inspiring in their own unique way.


At the end of the conference I was refreshed, inspired and ready to kick some major blogging butt.   I took sat in on some fantastic talks on how to make my blogger better than ever.  In the next week you will see some major changes on the blog.  Shaun has been working hard on a new theme for a brand new look!  This trip was exactly what I needed.


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