LegoLand – Fun For The Whole Family

While Shaun was home off on a staycation last week we really made the most of our time and did lots of good ol family fun activities!  We had heard some pretty fun stories about LEGOLAND at Vaughan Mills so we headed over to test it out.


Shaun and I had just watched the Lego Movie days earlier so I was pretty excited to go.  As a child I never really played with lego but Shaun definitely did and he was pumped to go.  Even before we got inside I fell in love with all of the characters in the front windows!  What I wouldn't give to have the punk girl with the pink hair in my house πŸ˜€


Now I will be totally honest, the kids are almost 3 and 1 so there were parts that were too old for them, but we were there for 2 hours and Shane had a blast.  There is a Fire Academy indoor play structure that we almost had to drag him out of.  Shoes come off and the climbing begins.  This was the best picture I could get of him in the structure, he was not willing to stand still for me.


The miniatures were pretty unreal – just check out the CN tower.  Aria got right into the Duplo blocks (literally) and Shane and Shaun got their build on!  Nothing better than little hands keeping busy!

On top of all this fun there is also a 4D cinema and 2 indoor rides.  Shaun and Shane stood in line for one of them that he was tall enough for but once they got to the front Shane decided it just wasn't for him. LOL – So we cheered from the sidelines for the kids that did make it on the ride πŸ™‚


There are also Master Builder classes which is pretty awesome.  I was so in awe of all of the lego characters.  I really think that this is a fantastic place for the whole family, and the bonus is you can go shopping at Vaughan Mills when you are done!  For more info on LEGOLAND click HERE

Big Thanks to LEGOLAND Toronto for a great time!


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