Just a Backpack…

I don't usually share my thoughts or comments but when I do, its to share something worth knowing. If you knew you can have a backpack for life, treated it good and never lost it but when it actually "Wears out", you can send it back and either get it repaired or pay a small fee for a replacement? I wish I knew this sooner, I've seen the lives of three backpacks gone by. I am now on my forth and I've decided to send it back to utilize the lifetime warranty.

Old Backpack 2008

Sending the backpack via mail was simple using Canada Post registered mail service to send the parcel to Quebec. Ten days later I get a call back informing me that my backpack can't be repaired and it's MD'd and I had to select a new one from the site jansport.com when done I needed to let them know which one I wanted sent. I was leaning towards the Tulair or Firewire style and ended up with the Firewire. It has a compartment to hold water (for backpackers ) or a 15" laptop PLUS an insulated compartment to keep things cool or hot!!

New backpack



  • Excellent product quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Excellent warranty
  • More than enough storage compartments
  • Incredible variety and colour options



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