My Doll Dilemma!

Aria and Shane have now been in daycare a whole week and almost every morning when I drop them off Aria walks over to pick up one of 2 baby dolls.  They are the tiny little baby dolls that are not a name brand doll, I'm sure you know what I mean.  At the daycare they have a white baby and a black baby and she seems to like each of them the same.  The staff also says that she likes to nap with them at times, and has tried to bring them home.

So the most recent time that I went shopping I started looking around for a baby for my baby 🙂  I see how much she likes them so why not get one for home.  

This turned into a frustrating thing for me.  I went with the intention of finding a doll that looked like my children.  Where are the babies with tanned skin?  All I was faced with was wall after wall of white dolls. How am I just noticing this now?  I looked and I looked, behind other dolls from top to bottom but nothing.


I found 2 dolls of a different ethnicity – 1 was Doc McStuffins and the other was Dora!  No black Barbie's, or Cabbage Patch dolls.  And never mind black dolls, where are the Asian, Hispanic, middle eastern etc etc dolls? It's not like there isn't a market for them!


I went home to chat with Shaun about this and he wasn't surprised at all.  He said when he was young his aunts would go to the states to get black dolls for his cousins, which I just found shocking.  So naive I am, and privileged really.

So I am not sure what to do.  Do I contact major retailers and ask why dolls of colour are not being carried? Do I suck it up and order dolls online.  It's not a huge issue but I think that it is only fair for children to be able to have a doll that looks like them.  I also think that it is important for children to have dolls of all different races.  What are your thoughts?

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    Brandee September 24, 2014 (11:08 am)

    I know this doesnt address the issue, but last time I was in Ikea they had soft dolls of different colours. ( similar to this one. And I would definitely talk to store managers and companies!!! My parents did the same as your husband and purchased dolls of different cours from the States for my niece. A very sad situation! And pretty ridiculous considering the demographics in the GTA!