My T-fal Ingenio #ClickToCook Dinner Party

So I’m not gonna lie – I was a little nervous.  Until very recently I spent my days with a baby and a toddler.  The majority of my adult connection is with my husband and we usually just talk about the kids anyway – LOL!  To be hosting my very own dinner party, showcasing my own recipes I was hoping that it would be a success.

I decided to have it in a condo party room in Toronto as I just didn’t think I could host 5 women in my house that has been taken over by duplo blocks and stuffies. 😀  They all arrived and were excited to hear all about the T-fal Ingenio Gourmet line as well as give my recipes a try.

Without tooting my horn too much it was really a success.  Just check out some of the pictures that my guests took.


We laughed, ate, drank and enjoyed some adult time and conversation.  Not only did they love my food but they also took some home for their spouses and kids so I was left with very little. (just enough for Shaun to have a plate)

One of my guests is a vegetarian and I thought I had better make another option as it was obvious she was not going to eat a Meat Loaf – pretty sure the veggies don’t eat loaves of beef 😀

So I made a mushroom loaf – and it was really yummy.  I was really nervous about it but am now excited to have a great meatless dish in my repitoire.  

You can check out my recipes here and instead of beef I used portobello and cremini mushrooms.  I chopped them up in ay food processor and everything else was the same. You can check out my recipes HERE

Before all the gals left I made sure I got a picture of them with the #ClickToCook handle and put them right into my Instagram 🙂


This has been a truly awesome experience with T-fal so super fun, will you be coming to the twitter party?  You can RSVP HERE

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