Introducing COCO!


If you have been reading for the past few years every once in a while you get a glance of my amazing husband in pictures and posts.  Since the begining we have been called Milk and Coco and although he isn’t always contributing he is a huge part of everything that happens behind the scenes.  This brand new makeover is all thanks to him!  It was about time that we have a new look 😉 

So as you can see he has his very own section.  Feel free to tell all of your husbands about this new man focused space.  He will be writing about personal stuff, daddy stuff, reviews and of course his own fair share of giveaways!  We are excited to be offering not only a mommy perspective on the blog but a parenting perspective!  

Feel free to give him a follow on twitter at @milkandcocopapa.  Be gentle he is still fairly new at it.  And welcome to Coco Corner!

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