Capturing Sweet Moments with One Day #OneDayKids

Now that I am back at work full time I just don't have as much one on one time with the little ones like I used to.  Shane is growing up so fast and speaking more and more which is super exciting. Each night before bedtime we sit down together and chat about our days.  And by we, I mostly mean me but he has lots of personality to add to the conversations.


Since he is changing daily I was excited to give the One Day app a try to start documenting it all. Talk about an app that makes me look like a total pro.  Essentially you pick a subject and it gives you prompts or questions.  You hit record and tape the answer to the prompt.  Once you are finished with all of the questions it weaves them all together making a nice little video.  Shane and I did the Personality video first.  I apologize for my finger getting into the shot a few times. Practice makes perfect 🙂

They have topics for baby/toddlers, children as well as adults.  From favorite things, to Advice for Parents, Vacation Memories and Random there is something for everyone.  The app is available at the Apple App Store.  I can't wait to make another one.  This makes making home movies so super easy and looks so professional and put together.

I am thrilled that One Day is offering a pretty fantastic giveaway for you all.  Good Luck and be sure to download the app.  

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    Jodi Mitrovic October 18, 2014 (9:27 pm)

    Wow! I really enjoyed that! Shane is just too adorable for words 🙂 My Husband and I are expecting our first little bundle of joy this coming November and this new app from One Day is wonderful! I can’t wait to capture all his special moments and share them with the world! Thanks for sharing!