Daycare Made Better With Hi Mama!

When I decided to go back to work I was excited and scared.  This was an opportunity of a lifetime, but the thought of putting the little ones in daycare full time terrified me.  And when I say full time I am dropping the little monkey’s at 6:30am and picking them up at about 5:30pm.  It is a really long day for them.  

Picking a daycare was not something that I took lightly.  We needed it to be fairly close to home so that if I was running late Shaun could walk over and pick them up.  I wanted it to be clean, lots of activities, organized, catered with healthy food and so much more.  

When I drop the kids off in the morning I sign them in on a form, say what time they arrived, woke up and what they ate for breakfast.  When I pick them up I get that form handed to me with what they ate during the day, their washroom behaviour and what they did during the day.  I really love getting this information but I really don’t love the paper waste that I am collecting.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to digitize all of this?


A huge part of being comfortable with your daycare is the daycare staff.  Because my little guys are at daycare so long the staff I see when I drop off and pick up are different.  With the Hi Mama app there is no disconnect as I can see that their files are being updated all day.  I can communicate back and forth with them if I wish.  I also love that if Aria is playing in the sandbox or Shane is playing dress upthe staff can just pop a picture in their online journal.  Although I am totally happy being at work every once in a while I get that small twinge of mommy guilt.  I feel that I am away from them for so long and I am missing out on things. To get a picture seeing them in action would totally brighten up my day.  You can also share this information with special people in your childs life.  I know that their grandparents and a couple crazy aunties would love to see photos of Shane and Aria in action!


The Hi Mama app is amazing.  Daycare providers are trained on how to use it, it is used on tablets that they can keep right in in the toddler and infant rooms.  Say goodbye to sign in and out sheets.  It is all done right on the tablets and you can have it emailed to you or you can check it online. Did I mention they have a Apple and Google Play app?  How could this get any better?

You should definitely check them out online HERE and share with your daycare provider.  This is perfect for home daycares also. 

What is your favourite feature of the Himama program?  Would you recommend it to your daycare provider?



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