Working Through Muscle Pain With SpiderTech

Do you find that with the cooler weather you are more susceptible to joint and muscle pain?  Do you suffer from chronic pain and find yourself reaching for pain relievers more and more?  I find lately I am experiencing some stiffness in my joints or muscle pain after a workout but not exactly sure the best way to deal with this type of pain.

I know that reaching for a painkiller may give me temporary relief BUT there can be negative side-effects when using anti-inflammatories.  I have found something that can provide you with muscle and joint pain relief and it is also 100% drug free!  It is also totally safe for youth all the way to the elderly.


SpiderTech is a pre-cut elastic sports tape that goes on in just seconds and can be worn for up to 5 days.  I am sure that you have seen this tape used on athletes before but this can be used for any type of pain! 


I had some calf pain after a pretty intense workout and was super impressed with how it worked.  May have to pick up the pretty pink ones when I finish with these! 😉  Each tin comes with 6 pre-cuts but also a few practice spiders so you can put them on perfectly!  The picture above is 3 days in to having the tap on.  I love the tin it can be easily tossed into your gym back or first aid kit.  They are available at Walmart, Sporting Life, Sport Check and others nation wide.  

For more information you can check out SpiderTech online HERE as well as on twitter and Facebook.  Would you put down your painkillers and give these a try?


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