Changing Environment and You

Living in North America this is something we all do? As a matter of fact, we do this globally, together! We go through it every year when the seasons change. Approaching the time of year when the dreaded “flu” or common cold goes rampant at home, school and the workplace, there are easy steps we can do to keep our bodies in a state where it’s optimally ready to fight off these nasty intruders. I’ve just realized that this has been the National Health Products (NHP) week by the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) to focus us on keeping ‘you’ healthy. Do you know how much sick time costs businesses annually? It’s not cheap! Plus I would love tips on how to keep my body young, strong and adaptive. 

Below are some supplements you should be looking out for to include in your daily routine to improve your odds against catching the flu or a cold.

  • Vitamin D

    • Improve Immune System

    • Maintain Mental Health

  • Calcium

    • Vitamin D helps the body absorb Calcium.

    • Less Vitamin D in winter means less calcium is being absorbed.

  • Omega-3’s

    • Relieve dry skin

    • Anti-Inflammatory properties to help keep cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis in check

  • Probiotics

    • Research shows that probiotics helped keeping the immune system ready to combat the winter bugs.

The NHP week is being held from November 3rd to 9th, celebrating happiness and wellness through natural products!   To learn more about optimizing your body visit the CHFA NHP page.  


In celebration of Natural Health Products Week (NHP Week), the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) has conducted a national survey to determine how Canadians plan on staying happy and healthy during the predicted ‘T-Rex’ of winters. Canadians shared some surprising tactics they plan to use to keep their spirits up and their immune systems strong this winter including taking Vitamin D (55 per cent). For more information visit (CNW Group/Canadian Health Food Association)".

A survey was recently taken where the question “Which of the following, if any, are your favorite healthy foods to eat during winter to help keep you healthy and happy?” Where do you fit in?

Looking back at my childhood I now see how much my mom and dad already know about eating healthy. Broccoli and Greens were my Callalo and Ackee.  We often ate King Fish, Snapper or Salt fish.

There were lots of vegetables that you would find in the islands like Sweet Potato, Plantain,  Yam,  Squash,  Green Banana, Breadfruit , and Cassava.

I haven’t had much yogurt or fermented foods. I also drew a blank with olive oil. Hey, it’s never to late to start.  I have started putting yogurt in my daily smoothies to up my calcium intake.

Lastly, what I find helps me stay energized is hitting the treadmill at least once a week. If you live/work downtown, going for a run in winter is great. You’ll be amazed how many are out there doing the same!







For more information on National Health Products week head over to  CHFA.

Photo and graph credit to CHFA.

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