Chunky Salsa with Bernardin

I LOVE LOVE Salsa!  It is one of my favorite things.  I often have it as a snack with raw veggies instead of chips as a healthy option, instead of chips.  I always thought that it would be difficult to make but after the good folks at Bernardin sent me a canning starter kit I thought that I would go for it!  Check out the recipe below for a good starter recipe.  I added a couple things but the most important part to follow is the actual canning process.

chunky salsa

My best advice to you when deciding to do this is get everything pre-organized.  If you have everything pre-chopped and measure once you get going it really is a fast process.  The thought of cutting up all of the veggies was a little daunting but I used my T-fal Fresh Express and it was so easy!  Another good tip – when handling peppers of any kind it is a good idea to wear gloves.  That way you can de-seed quickly and not worry about burning your fingers, eyes etc.


Next I got all of my cans and accessories prepped.  Was sure to boil the cans to sterilize them and had all my handy tools ready!


While my sauce was boiling I decided to create a fun little label for my salsa.  After all I should definitely be sharing the love, right?


I am super proud of my salsa and it was really very easy.  I will say that because Shaun and I like our Salsa hot we did use more chillies and Jalapenos than the recipe above, but that is the beauty of cooking.


 Now I will work on making a Mild, Medium and Hot version so everyone can enjoy it.  Please feel free to click on the recipe to enlarge it and print it for use at home 🙂  Enjoy!

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