Tighty Whiteys and Training Wheels

This past weekend was a big weekend for little Shane.  He has made it quite clear to me that he no longer wants to wear pull ups during the day.  There are a couple other little guys at daycare that are wearing big boy underwear and he wants to join in.  Bonus!!


So off we went Saturday morning to buy lots of little underwear and lots of back up shorts and track pants.  Because let’s face it, accidents can and will happen.  He choose some UPERMAN (superman) and Star Wars underwear and I choose some plain coloured ones to boost the stash.  During all of his awake hours he was wearing underwear and I think that over the course of the weekend I asked him a million times if he had to pee and he only had one accident!  It was a pretty exciting time for all of us.    


On top of the new undies the little guy also got a new bike.  We thought that we could pass his trike down to Aria and got him a tiny two wheeler with some training wheels.  As luck goes it poured rain all weekend so we only went out for about 10 minutes in the rain but he is totally thrilled with his new bike and shiny new Cars helmet.  Time is just flying by!

This week we are hoping for dry pants and sunny days!  Wish us luck

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