Running Game in the Race

If you can relate to this, you know what this process is and you know that no one really signed up for it.Those who are playing and don't know or playing but don't know the rules. I'm going to share what you already know but may not realize. The game is real and there are rules, some have consequences and some….may not. All depends if you're caught. I never picturd myself to be where I am now but consider myself blessed with oppurtunity. I did see myself going back to my highschool reunion in a helicopter, parked in the middle of the track field (didn't happen). Like rats in a maze there can be different paths to the finish line, some may have obstacles, dead ends or short cuts but there is always a finish line.

Parents and family play a vital role in preparing and motivating you to finish the maze with the hope that they will see you at the finish line. Only to realize, your starting a new game or race! Its the fire and drive inside that enables us to get wise. I grew up thinking that when your work becomes your fun the game of life is won but a mentor told me your employment enables you to live how you choose.

Are you playing the game or running the race? You don't know? Then the games playing you or you're getting run….I just realized I'm getting run and it all started in 2012 with my first off spring.

Time to about face and play the game!!


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