Roasted Cauliflower



It's been a great summer, with the warm tempratures and no AC we have been try to do most of our cooking outdoors on the BBQ. We have our "gotos" when it comes to the BBQ but this time I wanted to try something different. Not sure if it's the cheapo in me but the cauliflower was only $1.99 at Sobeys so I picked one up with the corn and steaks we had for dinner. It was pretty simple and tasted great!! I will definately do it again, when the price is right!

I didn't measure anything but would suggest you use my rule of thumb. Use the amount you think is right. If it's too much, try again with less!!

What you'll need:

Head of cauliflower * Seasoning Salt * Margarine or Butter * Curry powder * 4 cloves of garlic * Aluminum Foil * BBQ


Remove the leaves from the cauliflower head

Wash and pat dry (use a kitchen towel to reduce waste!)

I coated my head with margarine I estimate it was about 4 tbsp

Place the chopped garlic in the grooves of the cauliflower

Sprinkle on seasoning salt then curry powder

Wrap in aluminum foil then place on the BBQ


Now the fun part….I had the cauliflower on for about 35mins but the BBQ was opening and closing and…… I ran out of propane and had to get the spare to finish the meal. I suspect 35mins would be enough time if the heat is consistenly around 350 degrees.


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