Family Fun in Legoland

When we found out that we were heading to Florida for Shaun's family reunion I knew that we had to spend some time in Orlando to head to some of the park's with the kiddos.  Shaun really wanted to head to Legoland with the kids, and I'm not sure who was more excited πŸ˜‰

We headed out in the morning excited to see all that Legoland had to offer!  The park is about an hour drive from the Disney area which is where we stayed.  Once we got there we decided to pay extra for the parking closest to the entrance and I am glad that we did.  When traveling with little people it is totally worth paying for, especially when leaving the park! 


I am always so amazed when I see the HUGE creations made out of Lego.  Shane was thrilled with all of the Chima rides and characters.  We have recently started watching Chima at home on Netflix and Shane loves it.  There is a great interactive water Chima ride that you can actually spray people watching the ride, and the folks watching the ride can spray back.  Totally loved this ride as it was super hot! 

I was happy to have my picture taken with the characters from the Lego Movie and Shaun spent quite a bit of time walking around all of the Lego cities.  The Statue of Liberty was pretty impressive.


Even though Shane and Aria are small there were still plenty of rides for them to go on.  The Duplo section was fantastic and more than anything they were just excited to pose with any of the characters that we came across.  Unfortunately there was a HUGE thunderstorm in the afternoon so the rides shut down early.  

We didn't get to do as much as we would have liked but had a great time all the same.  If you are heading to the Orlando area I would definitely recommend Legoland.  There really is something for every age both boys and girls alike.

For more information on Legoland click HERE

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