Buena Vista Resort – Review

I knew that when we first started talking about heading to Florida for Shaun's family reunion that we would need to take a couple of days in Orlando.  It is no secret that I am a huge Disney lover and once I got Shaun on board I started to look for the perfect place to stay!  When traveling with little ones and on a budget there are certain things families (and I) will look for.


The Lake Buena Vista Resort was perfect for so many reasons!

1 – First off there are suites with full kitchens.  I hear ya, not everyone wants to go on vacation to cook meals but trust me when I tell you that it is a great way to save money.  We were able to keep fresh fruit, yogurt, bread and cold cuts for sandwiches.  We always had cold water bottles and the option to cook a nice meal and sit in our pj's at the same time!

2 – Washer and dryer in our suite!  If you have little ones you know that they are getting dirty pretty much all the time.  The last thing that I wanted to do when packing was bring 2+ outfits per kiddo, per day.  We would have had tons of luggage.  Having the option to clean clothes there was a huge help!  They even provide guests with their first load of laundry detergent! We also got caught in the rain a couple of times, the dryer really came in handy.


3 – Separate rooms!  Yup, this is pretty amazing!  Shane and Aria both had their own double bed.  It does not happen often that Shane does not make his way in to sleep with us every night, but when sharing a room with Aria he slept in and in his own bed.  This was pretty Awesome and one heck of a vacation for Shaun and I. 


4 – The Master Suite – The soaker tub was lovely and exactly what I needed after traveling with my little ones.  The stand up shower was HUGE and we were able to put both of the kiddos in at the same time to clean them off together which was great.  The King size bed was lovely and we had everything that we could have needed.

5 – The Pirate Pool – cool right?  The kids thought it was pretty amazing.  Right in the middle of a huge beautiful pool was this pirate ship, it had a slide for bigger kids and water spraying out of it.  We spent hours in the pool and if it was up to Shane we never would have gotten out.  It was nice to have options at the hotel and feel like we could just relax right on site for the day.

6 – A beautiful Spa – cause let's be real, mammas need some me time to unwind when on vacation.  Check out my review of the spa HERE

7 – Shopping!  Canadians love shopping in the states!  That is no secret and although our dollar is not doing fantastic right now, you never know you may be able to find a good deal.  The best thing about staying at Lake Buena Vista Resort is you don't have to look far for a great deal.  There is a outlet mall right across the street.  Yup, you don't even need to drive, you literally just walk across the street.

8 –  A Disney Good Neighbor Hotel – This was super important to me.  If you are heading to Disney and looking for a family friendly this is one you should definitely check out!  If you are driving, the Disney parks you are not more than 5 minutes away.  If not there are shuttles that leave the hotel and will get you there.  The staff on site is super helpful and can assist you with anything Disney and of course all of the other parks.

If you are interested in getting more info about the Lake Buena Vista Hotel click HERE, you can also check them out on Facebook HERE

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