Buena Vista Spa – Review

When we were looking for the perfect place to stay in Florida while visiting the parks we decided to stay at the Lake Buena Visa Resort and Spa.  If you would like to see my review on the site click HERE.

The hotel was nice enough to invite me for a massage while we stayed there, and of course I could not refuse the offer!  Because Shane had been sleeping in with Aria and we were all sleeping in I woke up in a panic at 9:50am (10 minutes before my appointment)  I can not remember the last time that I slept in that late.  For a second I felt terrible, and then felt that it obviously says a great deal about the time we were having in the hotel to all be so relaxed and sleeping in.

I made my way up to the spa and had a wonderful experience from start to finish.  

I was brought into the locker room and changed into slippers and a robe.  I then headed into a beautiful waiting area and became mesmerized by the most beautiful fish tanks.  My masseuse came out to meet me and brought me into her room.


My massage was wonderful.  We discussed any injuries and I mentioned to her that ever since childbirth I at times have pain in my hips.  With all of the walking that we had been doing at Disney and Legoland my hips were sore.  Usually when I have had other massages and mentioned this pain they avoid it all together.  Not this time.  My masseuse paid special attention to my hips and by the end I was ready to hit the parks again!  For the first time I felt that after having a message the person taking care of me actually knew what she was doing when it came to my injuries!


After my massage I checked out the rest of the spa.  They had a really cute new hair salon for kids as well as beautiful manicure and pedicure stations.  I had a lovely time at the spa and would recommend anyone staying in the area to check them out!  For more information on the Lake Buena Vista hotel and spa to check them out HERE and on Facebook HERE.

Once done, I headed back to my suite to find my family ready to hit the parks and I was excited to get going with them.  Many thanks to Lake Buena Vista Resort and Spa for taking such good care of us!

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