Disney Rain Day = Fun Night!

Well, we can scratch Disney off of our list for the third time but first time visiting with kids. Each visit has been magical! Each visit new Disney memories are created but it was that much more enjoyable this year with the kids. If anything is worth knowing about a Disney vacation, get the FastPass!! I know it definitely changed the experience we all shared while waiting for the rides. Typically at an amusement park you can expect to wait upwards of an 60 minutes to go on a 240 second ride, you do the math and tell me…


"What's your time worth?"


Here's Hook!


This parade was pretty cool!!

So….. truth is we didn't make it to the Buzz Light Year ride in our fast pass because of the rain.

Another good to know fact about Florida in August. I could be way off but everyday around 3:30pm ish the sky seems to always turn a shade of grey (no pun intended). You just couldn't tell if it was going to be a torrential down pour or not. Generally, I'm used to seeing clouds and thunder in the forecast with a chance of precipitation over 60%, from experience, it usually rains. In southern Ontario anyway. So on this day we got caught in the rain. We were prepared with Ponchos for everyone but they were in our stroller, we were all sitting in a Dumbo! They were useless once we got off so we enjoyed the warm rain shower, yes I did sing in the rain like a mad about Disney man. Thanks Hun for not capturing it! πŸ™‚

Taking that video in the rain was NOT a smart idea, My "memory catcher" wouldn't turn on when we got back to our hotel.

We decided that we would not let the rain ruin out day and decided to head back to the park.  Believe me the night out at Disney was just as much fun and the crowds seemed larger at night compared to during the day. The fireworks and the lighting of the castle were both visually worth experiencing.   


Untitled design (9)

Pictures of the castle and fireworks courtesy of Amy


Overall a great (but wet) day!  Many thanks to Disney Canada. It was wonderful to see what the magic of Disney is like through the eyes of my kids.


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