Disney Magic with the Kiddos!

When we found out that we would be heading to Florida, I knew that there was no way that we were going to miss out on going to Disney World with the kids.  Disney World is one of my favourite places in the world, and I must say that our vacation with another couple to Disney World pre-children is probably one of my favourite vacations we have ever taken.

There really is something magical about Disney World.  From the second you arrive at the park your experience begins.  More than anything Shane and Aria were excited to see Mickey and Minnie so we knew that we needed to catch the parade so they could get a good look!


The weather forcast was not looking good so we headed directly to the Tea Cups and Winnie The Pooh ride.  The giggles that came from Shane and Aria during the tea cups was totally infectious!


From there we decided to get a good spot for the parade.  Shane was excited to see Anna and Elsa from Frozen and Aria scream and screamed at hook.  Jimminy Cricket came over and gave Shane a high five and I am convinced they thought the entire parade was for them.  My favourite Disney character is Tinkerbell so I of course was glad that she was in the parade!  Mickey and Minnie of course were at the very end of the parade and I think that if we left then their trip still would have been made.  For them to see characters that they see often on tv had them so excited.


After the parade we headed to the Dumbo ride and before you knew it the clouds opened up and poured all over us.  Because we were on the ride there was no way we were staying dry.  We decided that we should just head back to the hotel as we were soaked to the bone.

When we got back to the hotel all I could think was I just did not see enough, I wanted the kids to  see more of Disney than the short time that we were there.  We dried off, ate some food and headed back to the park to check out the fireworks and try and get on a couple more rides.

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These pictures do not even do the fireworks justice.  They were just incredible, and the kids were totally amazed.  I am so glad that we decided to head back.  There was so much more that I wish we could have done, but we really made the best out of the weather situation.  The kids had a blast, and seeing the looks on the kids faces is all part of the magic of Disney.

Just check out what a double header does to a couple of toddlers.


A big huge thanks to Disney Canada for making my little ones Disney dreams come true!  It truely was a magical and wet day! 

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