Me Time

Balance……I’m not quite sure that it actually exists but we do our best. With a busy job and as you know two toddlers at home sometimes it is nice to have some me time. When we first moved out to the burbs I didn't’t really know anyone so I was glad to get involved in a bowling league to let off some steam on a weekly basis. I bowled in a league many years ago and had the foundations of bowling but not the experience. Starting back up, many years later, I've realized it's like everything else you've done, it all comes back, and then some. I'm now onto my second "used" ball. The original ball is a Hammer and my second is a Storm. With both I can spin the ball so it curves and makes me look like a pro.;)

Don't ask me for tips though, I just aim for the arrows and always follow through.

I am part of a pretty great team, we win some, we loose some but overall we have fun. Prior to injury we were in a 4x tie for 2nd place, I'm cringing to know what it is now. Bowling over my average has been the trend these days!

Every week as I walk out the door Amy tells me to get some turkeys! I’m not exactly sure that she knows what it mean but it is the thought that counts!



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Are you involved in any clubs or teams during the week? What do you like to do for a little me time?


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