Uber vs Taxi

Earlier this week I needed to find my way to the local hospital to attend a follow up appointment and realized I had limited options for transportation. During my search for the local taxi company online, I noticed they, like everyone else, have an app. The app was simple to use but needed a username and password followed by a credit card. I did not want to go through the hassle at that time so I picked up the phone and requested a taxi for the following morning, the fair estimate was $9. They asked for a contact number so they can reach me if there were any problems. I figured this would be a great way to trial my experience with these two taxi services and provide a real life experience!


About three minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time I receive an automated phone call that the driver is approaching. Exactly at 9am there is a knock on the door. The vehicle was clean and we had some general conversation enroute to the hospital. We encountered a severe traffic slow down and we were able to see a fire truck in the intersection, it didn't look good. Before getting tied in the traffic the driver safely and quickly made a detour and we averted the possibility of getting delayed. I arrived to the hospital on time and the final rounded up to $12.

Post Appointment: The news is good and the cast is scheduled to come off in two weeks. Next, is an aircast, followed by rehab physiotherapy…

In the pursuit for truth, I downloaded the Uber app and set it up, it did require a credit card and a username that I had linked to my Facebook. Although I was against using my credit card, I did not have the option of being able to pick up a phone to call, no hassle. The Uber app gave me an estimate of $9 – $12 with the general class.

I decided that I would try an Uber for my return trip. The driver was seven minutes away and I was informed of the license plate and vehicle type, by the app. The driver arrived, I got in and away we went. The vehicle was a bit nicer than the taxi company and the service of the drivers was comparable. The cost of this trip was rounded up to $11.
The Uber app does provide some features that I did not get the opportunity to test with the taxi app. On the Uber app you have the option to select four different classes of taxis, an estimate for the trip, Uber taxi distance from pickup location, name, face and license plate. The Uber taxi had only been driving for four days in contrast the taxi driver was seasoned and knows his area. The taxi driver scores points for knowing the neighborhoods, short cuts and hot spots to avoid, you may not get with a new Uber recruit.

Another thing to consider with Uber is needing a credit card or leaving some kind of digital footprint. With traditional taxi's, cash is king and you can remain anonymous.

What do you think?

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    Kate K (My Mommy Brain) November 30, 2015 (9:15 pm)

    I haven’t tried Uber yet, but I’ve heard good things. I think it’s nice that you can request a pick up with an app, and have everything done electronically. I don’t have to worry about having money on me or that the drive won’t have change.