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Sock Club

I don’t know about you but I love getting new socks over the holidays, and now more than ever!  Socks have become more of an accessory than a necessity.  And why not?  Why not show a little bit of personality on your feet on a daily basis. 

I totally love the idea of getting a brand new pair of socks every month, and what a perfect gift!  This is much better than any magazine subscription, and what a fun thing to look forward to each month.

The socks come wrapped and with a personalized gift message – how fun!

Check out some of my favs

Untitled design (10)

For more info and to buy a subscription for your fav guy go HERE.  If you are buying as a gift there is a gift certificate to give to your special someone.  If you buy before November 27th you will receive before Christmas or you can use the gift certificate (found on their website) and they will receive early January!




For as long as I have known Shaun he has always been a Mark's guy!  I knew that if I went in I was sure to find something that suited him.  I can now say that if anyone was to walk in you would find something that suits the guy in your life.  Just check this out!

Untitled design (11)

So many great choices in so many different styles.  I can not wait to take Shaun to get a new outfit at Mark's, I think that he falls into the Simple Yet Stylish Category! For more info on Mark's and to find the store closest to you click HERE  What outfit do you like?  I love how they match from outerwear, to belts and shoes.  It really takes the guessing out of the perfect outfit. 

Plantronics – BackBeat FIT

Shaun has been looking for a good pair of wireless headphones for a while and he has finally decided that these are the ones that he wants while on his runs!


This is why they are AWESOME:

  • ​Waterproof
  • 8-HR battery
  • weighs only 24 grams
  • come with a carrying case
  • 10 metre wireless range

A pretty awesome gift – who wants to be held back buy cords!  I can definitely see Shaun wearing these on his run (once his leg is better of course)

For more information click HERE

Xiaomi – Mi4i

When Shaun thinks about getting a new phone, he usually does TONS of research.  And let's just say he is not the guy getting the same phone as everyone else just because.  He told me that the phone on his wish list is the Mi4i.  Let's just say that he thinks it is "killer" so it has to be good!



Now from my perspective it is a real good looking phone, but let me get nerdy for a second and tell you why Shaun thinks its a great phone:

13MP Sony/Samsung camera

5-element lens, f/2.0 aperture
Two-tone flash
Supports manual mode, real-time HDR, Torch
Supports 1080p video recordings

5" Sharp/JDI 
Full HD display

1920 x 1080 resolution, 441 PPI
95% NTSC color gamut
Fully laminated Corning® Concore glass
All-new Sunlight display with hardware-level
pixel contrast adjustments
IPS 178° wide viewing angle

Snapdragon™ 64-bit octa-core processor

2nd gen Snapdragon™ 615 CPU, 1.7GHz 
Adreno 405 GPU



16GB/32GB Flash


3120mAh all-day battery

Sony/Samsung/ATL 4.4V lithium-ion polymer battery
3120mAh (typ)
3030mAH (min)

SIM slots

2 x micro SIM slots

and much much more.  For more information on the Mi4i click HERE

Walkera Runner 250


Drones…….I don't really get them but I see the huge hype about them.  I really do believe that boys will always have toys, they just get a little more exciting!  Shaun has been talking about the Runner 250 for a little while so I thought the best thing for me to do was check out a video.

Cool right?

It also:

  • transmitting range is 1km
  • it supports a GoPro
  • 5.8 G antennae
  • Carbon Fibre Frame

And so much more.  Check out the Walkera site HERE for more information.

Andis – Headliner T-Blade Trimmer

Shaun is very particular about what he uses to cut his hair and shave.  He knows what works and he has always done his research!

The best thing about Shaun is that he knows good quality but also looks for things at a great pricepoint and the Headliner T-Blade Trimmer definitely falls into that category.


This Kit comes with everything you need:

  •  Headliner® with close-cutting T-blade is perfect for trimming, outlining, designing and dry shaving.
  •  Ideal for maintaining bald and close-cut hairstyles for men.
  •  Powerful but quiet rotary motor.
  •  Long lasting carbon-steel blade.
  •  5-year warranty.

For more information click HERE

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    connie creatively renewed November 27, 2015 (2:49 pm)

    All good ideas. Now, which to choose. Lol

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    victoria November 28, 2015 (5:34 am)

    These are a great idea, my hubby would asking me to buy him a new socks. It will be a perfect gift for him.

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    Kelsi H November 28, 2015 (7:31 pm)

    Omg, LOVE the mark’s style guide. My hubby is the “simple yet stylish” look, to a t!

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    Stace Werner November 30, 2015 (9:57 am)

    Mark’s sounds perfect for my husband. He would love all of those outfits, and would look good in them!

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    Kayla Gilbert November 30, 2015 (11:28 pm)

    I am most looking forward to spending time with my fsmily this holiday season!

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    I’m looking forward to heading south where it’s warm!

    Besos, Sarah
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    I am looking forward to the busy season at work slowing down so that I can have a small break even with the kids home from school lol

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    Holly O'Gorman December 1, 2015 (4:44 pm)

    All the yummy baked goods that are always around.

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    eating dinner with family

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    kristen visser December 1, 2015 (6:53 pm)

    I am looking forward to everything! seeing family, eating delicious food, watching great Christmas movies and I love listening to Christmas songs

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    spending time with friends and family

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    I am most looking forward to spending time with family.

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    I am most looking forward to the food this holiday season!

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    i’m looking forward to wrapping the gifts and enjoying a big breakfast with the family Christmas morning.

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    Lisa bolduc December 5, 2015 (5:18 am)

    The look on my kids face when they take jn all of the holdiay spirit

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    Looking forward to heading up to my hometown and spending quality time with family.

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    Looking forward to the big family donner.

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    Doris H December 5, 2015 (12:39 pm)

    Looking forward to the big family dinner.

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    for me it’s seeing family

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    I’m looking forward to relaxing a bit and hanging out with my kids.

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    Food and drinks with family and friends

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    I am looking forward to seeing my family

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    Natalie December 14, 2015 (4:25 pm)

    As always I’m most looking forward to all the Christmas baking. I know it drives most people nuts but I love doing it.