Last Day of Movember – Let the MO Go?

Well, I did it. I grew quite the Mo for the month of November! I have had a bit of an unlucky month. If you are a Milk and Coco regular you know that I broke my leg at the beginning of the month. So the only people that have seen this beautiful stach are Amy, the kids, my surgeon and of course anyone that follows us on Instagram. I had plans to have some fun bowling clips showing off my technique and form at my Wednesday league, accompanied by bending balls from a corner kick at soccer as well as weekend family fun. I was in a great place mentally and physically ready to play, compete and have some fun in Movember to represent mens social and physical activities.

It’s not too late to help and donate to the cause – you can head on over to my movember page HERE and help me out!

I had my energy drink, was well hydrated, stretched for 30 mins and next was warm up on the field. On my third  warm up kick my left foot rolled over the ball and what I was hoping was a sprain was  a fractured fibula (small bone beside your shin bone).  I was overwhelmed with a sense of regret, disbelief, embarrassment and then the pain kicked in.

From this experience I’ve realized that I don’t like to ask for help nor involve other people in my problems. Everyone has their own issues to deal with and the last thing any man wants to do is ask for help. Now in my recovery, I’m thinking to myself how great it would be if I had asked for some helping hands on the weekends to assist Amy and the kids plus valid reason to have some friends over. I am sure many would have helped out if they weren't’t drowning in their own day to day lives or if they were even asked.
Here are some stats related to mens health that we all as men should be aware of and use this information to our advantage.



Making the best of a bad situation is what I do so I put together a collage of pictures taken during Movember. I've labeled the start and finish can you guess which weeks the others are taken?
Movember Collage2
We are excited to announce Robyn B. the winner of our Thomas and Friends Celebration on Sodor prize! No doubt that will be a popular item this holiday season. Many thanks to everyone reading along with my Mo journey! It’s been fun and I think that I may keep it for a little while. What do you think?
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